The Essence of Greek Summer!

Greek summer is light, sun, summer breeze, sea, gorgeous shores, beaches, sun kissed islands, buzzing noise of cicadas, boat rides, games in the sand, diving off rocky cliffs with friends, snorkelling, collecting seashells, enjoying breathtaking sunsets, moonlight serenades, sipping ouzo, savouring seafood, watermelon, grapes, Greek iced coffee and cocktails.

Not to mention that Greece’s summer colours are simply mind blowing; nature’s green encounters the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, while the deep blue colour of the Aegean Sea meets  the whitewashed villages and the red bougainvilleas standing among the white cobblestone alleys. Various water activities promise to keep you busy. Afternoon siestas will recharge your batteries and prepare you for a vibrant Greek style nightlife. Then again, you can enjoy concerts, theatrical plays in ancient theatres and traditional Greek Festivals!

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