Around the World in Ten Photos

Its a wonderfull travel in just 10 photos

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A big part of photography is understandinglight — its strength, tone, and direction. These ten photographers from around the world show us that from dawn to dusk, there are beautifully lit moments just waiting to be captured.

Janice Meyers got this shot of the Salamanca Cathedral in Salamanca, Spain, just as the early morning sky began to turn from black to blue. We love how the warm glow of the streetlights contrasts with the deep, moody sky:

Salamanca, just before sunrise.Salamanca, just before sunrise.

The sun was a bit higher in the sky when Robin Kent of Photography by Kent caught the first rays of light over Washington, DC’s Tidal Basin, and cherry trees. The pink glow of the imminent sunrise echoes the delicate hue of the famed blossoms:

Daybreak over Washington, D.C..Daybreak over Washington, DC.

On the other side of the US a full sun bathes different pink flowers — a field of…

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